About us

Sky 24 Sports and Leisure Club, Sharjah, is the first of its kind in the UAE which takes Sports, Leisure and Entertainment to the highest level, in fact, up to the 24th floor of the beautifully designed and newly built Al Durra Tower which overlooks the Sharjah Lagoon, creating breathtaking views from all corners of the Club.

The Club is divided into two very distinctive areas, the sports side and the leisure side with comfort, cleanliness and style to the forefront for both areas.

Our highly trained Staff are on hand to attend to our Customer's every need thus contributing to their enjoyment of the Club and its facilities. Security is also a priority but in a very discreet manner. Throughout the Club there are nine CCTV security cameras along with professionally trained Security Staff. The Club has four fire exits and all the Staff are trained in Fire Procedures.

Our Vision

Sky24 Sports & Leisure Club is the preferred Leisure and Fitness Centre in Sharjah, reputed for its excellent customer service and cleanliness. Facilities are current and modern, and services are expanded to include a range of spa treatments, a variety of group exercise classes and scheduled fitness events to educate the members and public of issues related to health and fitness. Sky24 will expand its branches to include two other fitness centres in convenient locations, offering quality services and will be committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle amongst the residents of Sharjah.

Our Mission

To provide a diverse and affordable range of quality Sport & Leisure activities to all members and clients in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment, which fosters an appreciation for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. To provide state-of-the-art facilities, maintaining a high level of cleanliness, quality and all-day accessibility, as well as a variety of services at competitive market rates. To employ fitness staff that are from diverse backgrounds and skills who are eager to help clients and provide customized solutions. Our work ethic will be based on values of truth, clarity, honesty, transparency, professionalism, commitment and a desire to make a difference to each customer-experience.